Аndrei Kudzinienka speaks about his idea, the project, experiments and in general about new Belarusian cinema

Valancin Vinahradau. The Taste of Life

Valancin Vinahradau is a poet with purely poetic energy, an avalanche of images, rhythms and all kinds of associations. He created his own world of unique and exceptional beauty, full of a complex mixture of metaphors and mythological images. He possesses the highest form of symphonic musicality, which in film production echoes with a ‘cyclic’ form, where such themes as the limit of human abilities, a change of consciousness, a subconscious human fear of the surrounding world and an individual who does not fit into society are found over and over again.

Andrej Kudzinienka: The Time for Partisans

Mysterium Occupation, by Andrej Kudzinienka feature film, is the best sample of creative postcolonial thought. It is not on at the cinemas, nor can you get it from any video shop, although it has stirred a good deal of interest among Belarusian audiences and was a success at the Rotterdam festival.

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