pARTisan #29’2015 Foundation «IZOLYATSIA. Platform for Cultural Initiatives» was created in 2010 in Donetsk in the territory a former insulation materials factory and very soon its activities became known not only across Ukraine, but also abroad. On June, 9, 2014, the militia of the self-proclaimed Donetsk People’s Republic seized the factory and deprived the Foundation not only of space, but also […]


This year in June the artistic residence at «Ў» Gallery of Contemporary Art in Minsk welcomed the artists from Georgia — Nini Palavandishvili and Data Chigholashvili. As a result, in the gallery backyard they set up a public kitchen — anyone could bring their own home recipes and together with the artists and other citizens cook, treat and exchange with one other one’s culinary experience, and most importantly — their stories associated with these recipes


Yuliya Vaganova, the deputy director in charge of exhibition work and international links, a participant of «Time Machine – Museum in 21st century» program, speaks about the political turmoil influence on the Museum’s activities, about the ways of keeping a balance between traditions and innovations and about the reaction of the Ukrainian public on the «experiments» set


The project «War Witness’ Archive» emerged as a response to the global trend of referring to history, of reinventory of the memory about the last century events rich in wars, disasters and conflicts. When getting acquainted with photographic and historical archives of World War I (the Great War) visitors become participants of a talk about tragedies of the past and present. They form their attitude, interpretation and evaluation of the events which both date back one hundred years and happen presently


Belarusian artist Maxim Tyminko left the country in the mid-1990s. In 2005 he graduated from the Academy of Media Arts in Cologne (Germany), and has been living abroad since then. Now you can find him in Cologne and Amsterdam: living between several cities is an ordinary practice for contemporary Western artists. However, whenever Maxim is invited to come to Belarus, he accepts the proposal even despite of the lack of the due conditions.


A year ago Marina Naprushkina, a Belarusian artist and author of the project Office for Anti-Propaganda who has been living and working in Berlin for a few years, launched a campaign Neue Nachbarschaft//Moabit. This is a volunteer initiative which works with refugees and protects their rights. Marina Naprushkina dwells on the campaign’s history, activities, outcomes and prospects


It is not for the first time that among the winners of «Belarus Press Photo» we find the name of Siarhei Hudzilin — a photographer from «the first Belarusian newspaper», a man who truly loves his job and goes on documenting our routine, asking himself and the audience questions that deal with a very sensitive and yet necessary issue — the Belarusian national identity

Michail Hulin: A Right not to live in underground

About difficulty to speak out publicly in Belarus, about his personal experience, and that is why he is not engaged in political art, says Belarusian artist Michaił Hulin

Uladzimir Parfianok: Life with Photography

There are more than 20 project series in the portfolio of famous Belarusian photographer Uladzimir Parfianok — there has been a photo a day. Piles of these photos have actually formed a diary of the epoch, or the edge of epochs, the new reality where only author’s lifestyle remains unchanged. This lifestyle is photography.

Aleksander Komarov: the soul of work weighing 35 grams

Aleksander Komarov is a Belarusian artist, who now lives in Berlin. He works with various forms of media, primarily, with video. He took part in numerous international projects in Germany, the Netherlands, Poland, Japan, the Czech Republic, Turkey and other countries. In 2012, within the framework of the Belarusian part of the project “Europe (to the power of) n” at Lena Prenz’s curators’ exhibition “To West of the East” held at Y Gallery, his two films Palipaducienne and Language Lessons were shown

Moskaleva and Shachlevich. Dialogues – 2

Photo artists Galina Moskoleva and Vladimir Shachlevich are at the origins of the modern Belarusian photography. In the mid-1980s, they got to the studio of Valera Lobko, though each in their own way. Later on, the phenomenon of this studio was marked as Minsk School of Photography. Their lives have come different ways. Galina and Vladimir live and work in Moscow, but occasionally they visit Minsk and remind their colleagues of those recent and at the same time already distant times.

Sergey Shabohin: It is interesting to watch a viewer watching me

Interview with Siarhiej Śabochin (was made in spring 2011), Belarusain artist, curator of Y Gallery, founder and editor-in-chief of the Portal of contemporary Belarusian art Art Aktivist. Born in Navapołack, Belarus. Since 1999 lives and works in Minsk. Studied at the Belarusian State Academy of Arts (Minsk). There were the ehxebitions in Belarus, Poland, Germany, USA, Sweden and other.

Ihar Cišyn: Stalin Kaput

uraś Y presents his conversation with Ihar Cišyn, an outstanding postmodern Belarusian artist and conceptual story writer, who also experiments in installations. In his interview entitled Stalin Kaput Juraś Y appeals to Cišyn’s story Gog and Magog.

Discussing partisan struggle in Belarus, Ihar Cišyn airs his view that the Belarusians have always lived a life of partisans, so it is only natural that non-conventional artists feel as if they were secret agents of the West whose mission is to alter the local cultural condition. But if the government goes on to support and guide experimental art, there is a danger that it might cease being experimental and turn into officialese.

Zero Radius. Art of the 00’s Onthology

In March in Minsk, there was an event which for the whole month was a major focus of attention for the art community of the city.The curators of the research project Zero Radius. Art of the 00’s Onthology talk about the exhibition

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