Aleś Puškin. The Lionhearted

Who is Aleś Puškin, famous Belarusian artist, which is known by his actions against modern Belarusian State (especially “A Gift to President” in 1999). He is a realist, perpetual nationalist, troublemaker or all these mixed together? This is the question Juraś Barysievič provides an answer to in the artist’s profile presented under the title The Lionhearted

Archeology of collective memory

Igor Tishyn is one of the most significant contemporary Belarusian artists. He has been living and working in Belgium for more than 10 years. However, all material, images, scenes and objects for his paintings, installations and photographs remain Belarusian by nature. They are directly related to the post-Soviet realism of 1990s, and to the political and historical aspects of modern time. Not surprisingly that in Belarus Igor Tishyn is to some extent mythologized. He is called “grandfather of the partisan movement”…


Kim Chadziejeu or just Kim is the legendary dissident and unique intellectual Minsk Soviet times. It’s a ‘living encyclopedia’ mentor of many talented young Belarusianmen and women that, like gnats, consulted around of him during the 60’s, 70’s, 80’s, 90’s of the last century.

‘Suchart’ — Belarusian contemporary art!

The joint project by and is filled with impertinently red colors to make you feel the scent of blood and revolution.

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