New issue of pARTisan: MUSEUM

Editor-in-Chief Artur Klinaŭ
Editor of the issue Tania Arcimovič
Design Маcк & Feddenka Ryazanov’s Fake Vintage Studio

Supported by Goethe Institut in Minsk.

The topic of the issue is a Museum as a social project. As Stephan Wackwitz, a Head of Goethe Institut in Tbilisi, said in his interview, we should also understand a museum as a self-portrait of the society, a space for understanding as well as for forming the identity of the nation and for researching the local context.

This point of view was a start for pARTisan to think about a phenomenon of Belarusian museum, which still has a strong influence of the Soviet ideology.



Thus, Alaksiei Bratačkin (Alexey Bratochkin), analyzing a new Museum of the Great Patriotic War in Minsk, states that until now the re-thinking of the Soviet epoch isn’t happened in Belarus and the Great Patriotic War remains an instrument of modern Belarusian authority’s ideology. A museum of the Soviet in Belarus is the main question of another discussion among Alaksiei Bratačkin, Volha Ramanava and Irina Ramanava. Volha Bubič in the next article describes the situation of Trascianiec Memorial construction in Minsk (one of the bigest Nazi camp during II War) and asks why until now the Government works with this issue so slowly and mostly keeps silence. Establishing the fact of ruin of Belarusian museums, Artur Klinaŭ proposes an artistic project of museums’ revival in Belarus (The SunCity of Dream Museum, Sots art museum, Chaim Soutine museum and other). Except of local questions (Contemporary art virtual museum in Belarus, art project Warwitness’ Archive etc.), the issue turns to the experience of neighbouring countries (Ukraine, Georgia, Germany) comparing the different ways of museum development.


Stephan Wackwitz: Museum as a Self-portrait of Society
Artur Klinaŭ. Walking Around An Imaginary Museum-Disneyland
Belarusian Museum of the Soviet: Understand our own place in the epoch
Alaksiei Bratačkin about a new Museum of the Great Patriotic War in Minsk
Siarhiej Chareŭski about a new Nation Museum Of the Great Patriotic War In Minsk
Volha Bubič. Trascianiec: Queueing For Memory
Siarhiej Chareŭski about personal experience of World Museums
Volha Bubič. What Rusłan Vaškievič Does Not Regard
Sergey Kirushchenko and Sergey Shabohin speak about the concept of KALEKTAR project
Maxim Tyminko. PROJECTOR (opera-report artistic proejct)
Yuliya Vaganova: Museum As An Example Of Self organization
WATO CERETELI about the experience of Contemporary Art Centre in Tbilisi
Volha Rybčynskaja about WARWITNESS’ ARCHIVE exhibition project
A Private collection: talking with Frank Schmidt and Anna Lenz

The issue is available in book store Lohvinau, Minsk. 


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