magazine of contemporary belarusian culture ‘pARTisan’

‘A Partisan is someone who always hides (‘hide-and-seek’ is the only national game of Belarus); a Partisan is someone who always says about her/himself: ‘I am absent’; a Partisan is someone who shows her/himself only at the time of diversion (in our case, intellectual or aesthetic), and then disappears again in the absence of her/himself’. Valancin Akudović ‘Apologists of the Absence’

The pARTisan project is a big media project, which includes pARTisan magazine (since 2002) about contemporary Belarusian culture and the pARTisan Collection series (Belarusian artists’ albums, since 2009).

We explore and present the most current, questionable, often controversial phenomena in Belarusian culture — art, literature, music, cinema, theatre. We create and expose idols, construct and destroy myths. We seek to open borders not only in a figurative, but also in a literal sense: to keep track of new trends in the world art, to collaborate with foreign authors, to publish special issues on contemporary cultures of other countries (Switzerland, Poland, Germany, etc.).

For 10 years, the authors of the magazine were iconic and legendary Belarusian authors – artist and writer Adam Głobus, writers Ihar Babkou, Volha Hapeeva, Maryja Martysiević, Andrej Hadanović, artists Siarhiej Kiruśćanka, Andrej Durejka, Ułladzimir Łapo, philosophers Valancin Akudović, Alaksandar Ancipienka, Siarhiej Dubavec, Volha Śparaha, Almira Usmanava, culture and art critics Volha Archipava, Maksim Źbankou, Volha Kavalenka, Andrej Rasinski, Siarhiej Chareuski and others.

Since 2014 ‘pARTisan’ is a member of EUROZINE network.

Editorial board:

Artur Klinau \ head of the project

Tania Arcimovič \ editor-in-chief of the pARTisan Internet platform 

Lija Kisialova \ editor  (BY\RU)

Email: /If you note any errorplease contact us right away /

Our partners:

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The magazine is available in the bookstore ‘LogvіnaЎ’ (Niezaleźnasci Ave., 37a, Minsk), and the store ‘Podzemka’ (Niezaleźnasci Ave., 43, Minsk). For sales in other cities of Belarus, please, contact


Project’s Editor-in-Chief – artist and writer Artur Klinau

The author of the conceptual photo project – Visual Poem «The Sun City of Dreams» (2002\05)
In 2010 was Art director of the film ‘MASAKRA’ directed by Andrey Kudinenko
In 2011 took part in Venice Biennale, Belarusian pavilion.
The author of the books: ‘The Sun City of Dreams’ (2006, translated into German, Polish, Swedish, Hungarian), ‘Shalom’ (2011)


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